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My Closet Reflects My Life


Part 1 of 4, finding black motorcycle boots.

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At the laundromat on a rainy Wednesday night.

Bring it on, Simon.

Fucking Arizona

Went on a beautiful motorcycle ride this morning with the Royal Enfield crew. So nice in the mountains above 5000ft. Bike ran like a dream. Then we descended back to the city’s heat and I stall at the first traffic light. Then the second. Even my bike hates the desert.


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andres De Dienes,1945

Jeans and boots, check.

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My denim riding jacket is coming along nicely.

Rocker 4 lyfe!

Now I need to get started on my winter vest.



Chet Baker… One of my kings of cool.



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This is straight up what I wore today. Scary!